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Feb-March, 2020

After two weeks of Immune Therapy in Mexico I needed to find a refuge for the next four to six months of healing work. I sought a healing community, with a variety of teachers and practitioners. My research was leading nowhere when I remembered my old friend Carol Bridges. 
Carol and her partner had run a "New Age Center" in Iowa City called The Clearing back in the late seventies. I had participated in a number of workshops and events there and always had very positive experiences. The Clearing opened up a world of new possibilities for me.
Carol and her partner Dan had left Iowa City in 1981, along with a dozen or so "followers", to start an intentional community in southern Indiana. I visited them about six months later and saw that communal living had proved to be a major challenge.
Though there was currently no community as envisioned, I had great respect for Carol and thought she might know where to direct me.
Email contact and a phone call told me that Carol was the spiritual teacher I was seeking. She offered to rent me a one room cabin on her property and I quickly signed up for a six week stay. What follows are audio descriptions of the sessions we had together.
CAROL BRIDGES is a Medicine Woman and tarot artist. Her philosophy is summed up as "All beings unite in consciousness. Our job is to behold the Presence and supply the Love." Her books include The Medicine Woman's Inner Guidebook. For Carol's Facebook page CLICK HERE .
SESSION 1, February 20, 2020
Carol opened herself as a channel and prayed over me. In the audio I refer to my ayahuasca experience and how I was able to connect that to the message that Carol was bringing me. The details about that experience are HERE
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SESSION 2, February 24, 2020
Carol began the session by explaining that we were going to regress/journey back to a time and place where I could contact a particular ancestor who had information for me.  She again opened herself as a channel and asked her guides to help. As I went deeper into the meditation I focused on an image I had of my father's grandmother, Catherine, Her picture is next to the audio track. She lived 1884-1921.
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SESSION 3, February 27, 2020
This session was primarily a conversation about big topics like God and Happiness. Near the end Carol mentioned Shamanic Medititation (this was in the context of the use of psychedelics to explore consciousness and deeper meditative states). I asked her how to do such a mediation, The audio is my re-telling of her description.
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SESSION 4, February 29, 2020
This session took place on the 24th anniversary of my father's death. It is my first foray into Shamanic Meditation, and I also describe an experience that followed a few hours later.
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