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Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

My high school rock band, A Stitch 'n Tyme, was inducted into the IRRHOF over Labor Day 2018. The six of us reunited after 47 years and put together a slammin' set, performing in front of 1000 people in the Roofgarden Ballroom at Lake Okoboji.

We joined alums like The Everly Brothers and Brenda Lee, plus my old friends Dartanyan Brown, Bruce Cameron and Tony Valdez. Our class included Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson, and a fantastic original band called The Nadas.

It was an honor indeed. But far more satisfying was reconnecting with these special friends and giving one another our full support and love. Our intention is to reunite once a year with those who can make it!

A Stitch ‘N Tyme

A Stitch ‘N Tyme was a Des Moines area Rock & Roll band that performed from 1968 to 1971. Known for their musical versatility and vocal harmonies, the band was attractive to a wide range of ages, musical tastes and venues.

Fronted by the gifted and accomplished vocalist Patti Whiting and the big soulful voice of John Conger, the band was unique in its use of male and female lead singers.

Bassist Marlo Gillotti and drummer Jim Elliott provided a rhythm section for the searing riffs of Bob Schleeter’s lead guitar and the classic Hammond B-3 sound from Bob Stevenson.

Their talent was evident in their ability to create distinctive arrangements of both rock classics and the popular music of the day. This resulted in a wide variety of play lists from Beatles to Zeppelin. Most notable was the opening number, “Beginnings” that combined songs from Chicago and Santana, and their closing medley from the Broadway hit, “Tommy” by The Who, with twirling microphone and broken drum heads included.

It was not unusual to find the band anywhere on the map in many Iowa towns as they traveled the four corners of the state, playing at college parties, dances, concerts and Teen Town at the Iowa State Fair. Numerous appearances at the Val Air Ballroom and the Knowhere club built the local fan base in Des Moines while several shows at the Surf Ballroom left the band's mark on that historic Rock & Roll mecca. In addition, the band performed for Governor Ray’s Inaugural Ball at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium and Look Magazine holiday parties.

A Stitch ‘N Tyme’s musical journey ended too soon. Some members continued their musical careers and others are still playing for fun and recreation. What is true for all is that music, particularly Rock & Roll music, has been and will continue to be a huge part of their lives.

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